In Rotation: Assassination Squad - Busted

Phil Collins - January 29, 2017


Assassination Squad packs an impressive amount of variety onto a six song EP - rockabilly on "Evil Eye," surf on "Busted" and gruff orgcore on "Welcome To Atlanta." The strong vocal melody over rollicking lead guitar on "Ass Cherry" reminds me of something I can't quite put my finger on. While Assasination Squad tackles various styles of punk on this EP, they have their own distinct approach. This band started in Seoul, South Korea but has been local to Chicago since 2015. This is the last set of songs from the band's Seoul lineup, according to the release's bandcamp description.

The title track closes this EP out with a surfy guitar led instrumental. This is a surprising, fun end to the EP, especially the (SPOILER ALERT) saxophone solo in the second half of the song. It's the kind of thing that smacks you on the side of the head if you haven't been paying attention.

Busted is the first release from Assasination Squad in a few years. They have two full-lengths and a few EPs streaming on their bandcamp page, check that out here. Busted also marks the first release on Friskie Morris & Friends Records. Head over to their bandcamp page for this EP and their Friskie Morris Sessions third year comp, which features a lot of great local artists who were on their podcast in the last year. I recently was on the podcast to talk about Change the Rotation, check that out here. Assassination Squad plays at Reggies Rock Club on April 4 with UK Subs, Scene of Irony and Top Shelf Lickers. Stream Busted below.