In Rotation: Bombflower - Organic Mood Elevators

Phil Collins - June 17, 2015

Organic Mood Elevators

Oftentimes after listening to Organic Mood Elevators, the debut full-length from Waukegan's Bombflower, I get Sublime's guitar riffs woven into the Bombflower shrapnel popping into my head. They both inhabit a hazy stoner ska range. Although only one of Organic Mood Elevators' songs is lyrically about smoking, the sentiment pervades the album. Bombflower is at their strongest in the deliberate mid-tempo jams like "Your Death." The song leans heavily on melody and the intertwining vocals of Tic James and Liza Lionheart. "Die In Your Sleep" is another melodic, mid-tempo highlight.

The band does kick it into a quicker gear on album opener "Bloodsuck" and "Structure On Fire." Those songs explore the punk end of the spectrum with driving guitar and shouted vocals. All in all, album closer "Jihad Broadcast" might be the first song to really get stuck in your head. Bombflower released this first album and started playing their first shows in June, but you may recognize guitarist and vocalist Tic James from The Atrocities, who have been on the scene since 2005.

I saw Bombflower play at Archer Asylum on June 6 with a stacked lineup of bands. Their windy guitar solos, keyboard and dual vocals made for a distinctive sound. Watch out for them to play more shows in the area soon. Stream Organic Mood Elevators below or head to their bandcamp page for a pay-what-you-want download.