In Rotation: Bombflower - Sweeteater

Phil Collins - October 20, 2016


Bombflower returns with their second full-length album of ska punk jams with a social conscience. Liza features more prominently on vocals here than she did on the Waukegan band's first album. She did lead vocals on "Your Death" and "Die in Your Sleep" on Organic Mood Elevators. Since then, she has split vocal duties with guitarist Tic James at shows. On Sweeteater, her vocals lead most of the songs. "Justice For Some" and "Silent While They Profit" deride inequities in society. The two vocalists trade lines on both songs, creating an effective sense of urgency.

Acoustic guitar pops up on "Song Burst Through The Sky" and "Coozehound," giving the upstringing a warmer vibe. "Song Burst Through The Sky" might be the strongest song in this set. It starts off very laid back before jumping into a quick catchy chorus backed by the acoustic guitar upstringing. The fast/slow back-and-forth, paired with layered dual vocals and the change in texture brought on by the acoustic guitar make this a robust, dynamic song. Acoustic guitar also appears on the chill instrumental "Bitch N' Dub," featuring the Las Vegas band Bitch N' Dudes.

The most straightforward rock song is saved for last, as was the case on Bombflower's first album. This time it is the title track "Sweeteater," which is sure to become a staple in the live set. Catch Bombflower live at Slob City on October 29 with The Land Before Tim, Bad Timing, Death of Self, Vitamin Brainwash, No Signal, Infinite Knottage and Switchcomb. More information on that show here. Bombflower also plays night two of Punksgiving on November 26 at the Burlington with Nightcap, Boxsledder and Die High. More information on that show here. Stream Sweeteater below.