In Rotation: Bottle Kids - Be Cool

Phil Collins - May 18, 2015

Bottle Kids

The last song on the new Bottle Kids EP, "Worst Case Ontario," seems destined to be one of my songs of the summer. That catchy pop punk bass riff is sticking in my head after just a couple listens. As the cover of Be Cool implies, this is not epic music. This is chill-in-your-backyard-drinking-beers-with-your-friends music. That is a universal summertime sentiment. There must in turn be something universal about the name Bottle Kids. There are at least five bands sharing that name. One from Montreal, one from Cleveland, one from upstate New York, one from Atlanta and our good ol boys from Chicago.

Be Cool squeezes a few pop culture references into its four songs. "Worst Case Ontario" is a reference to Trailer Park Boys. The opening track, "Serenity Now," is a reference to the great Seinfeld. Most fun of all is a lengthy, instantly recognizable soundclip from Billy Madison.

Bottle Kids play at Liar's Club on Tuesday night with Butchered, Crab Legs and Welfare Beer League. Stream Be Cool below or head to their bandcamp page for more.