In Rotation: Crystal Gravy - Night Dinner E.P.

Phil Collins - April 6, 2015

Night Dinner

The four songs on Crystal Gravy's debut EP, Night Dinner, above anything else display the band's ability to conjure a moment. The lyrics and vocal harmonies between Dave Green and Nikki Rice are often visually evocative of a particular scene. When they belt out the line "Barrelin' down the highway" on "License to Drive Me Crazy," I can feel the wind blowing through the open windows and I can see the sun setting ahead on a desert road. That is "anthemic duetism" at its finest (the band's facebook page lists anthemic duetism as its genre.)

Opener "One Round" slides down like a whiskey on the rocks after a long day. If you didn't catch this from the name, Crystal Gravy has a sense of humor, too. This is most evident on "Bang It Out," which is literally about banging out the details of a relationship.

Crystal Gravy, from DeKalb, play at Derailed in Sandwich, Illinois with The Ratigans, Intimidating Retards, Perverted Scientist and The Yonics on May 2. They also have a show coming up at Green Tangerine Records in Cortland with Seasonal Men's Wear and The Tawdry Hepburns on May 30. Stream the Night Dinner E.P. below or head to their bandcamp page for a download.