Recap: Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room, Jeff Rosenstock

Phil Collins - August 7, 2015

Jeff Rosenstock

Jeff Rosenstock at Double Door on Tuesday

The tour Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room and Jeff Rosenstock are on right now is a culmination of the recording of the former's new album. Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room just released Party Adjacent, the second album from the Alkaline Trio bassist/vocalist's side project. The album was produced by Jeff Rosenstock and some of the band that backs Rosenstock played on Andriano's album as well. This made for an incredibly tight knit evening of music as Rosenstock and his band stayed on stage after concluding their set to back Andriano for his set. The crowd was rowdier for Rosenstock's set, which was full of more mosh-able music. His second solo album, We Cool?, came out earlier in 2015. "You, In Weird Cities," "Hey Allison," and "Nausea" were the biggest crowd-stirrers. "Beers Again Alone" is a cool slow jam to see them play as Rosenstock pulls out the harmonica. They also played "Get Old Forever" and "Darkness Records" off We Cool? and went back to the first solo album for "Snow Charges."

Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room

Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room at Double Door on Tuesday

Rosenstock played bass through Andriano's set. Party Adjacent tallies as the third Alkaline Trio side project to release an album this year, following Derek Grant's Break Down and Matt Skiba and the Sekrets' Kutz. Andriano's new material does not sound much like his other band, which gives it its own value. The pop punk sensibility is certainly there, but it leans more toward barroom country. Keyboards do well here as an accent to Andriano's vocals. Stream the album below: