In Rotation: Davey Dynamite and Friends - Holy Shit

Phil Collins - November 10, 2016

Holy Shit

The songs on Davey Dynamite's new album are filled with a message we all need to remember right now. We are all human. We all share this space. We should treat each other with respect and dignity. This is not a political message. This is a statement about the human condition in a social world. It is not always easy to remember that the fuckheads referenced on "Man Enough" - the hateful brainless people - are the same fuckheads we need to work with and work for to make our society a place worth fighting for, as discussed on the song "Fuckheads." We have to value each other and that includes paying workers a decent wage, not 380 times less than the bigwigs. "Gods," the album's final song, reminds us that we are the ones who can make changes and mold society.

Holy Shit is the fourth full-length album from Chicago area folk punker Davey Dynamite. It is his second album to feature electric full-band songs. He is joined on this recording by Matt Wolek (Praise the Sinners) on bass and Jake Joyce (Seasonal Men's Wear, Brown Bear Records) on drums. Rigby Nix delivers powerful vocals on "Fuckheads." A few of these songs have already made their way into the live set, like "4th of July" and "Transitions." Acoustic versions of "4th of July" and "Fuckheads" appeared on the five band Friday the 13th Hysteria compilation, released earlier this year.

Davey Dynamite also recorded a fully acoustic version of Holy Shit, which you can get if you preorder the vinyl through Don't Panic Records and Distro. The full-band version of the album will be pressed on vinyl - 100 copies on white vinyl and 200 on black. The vinyl will be released in early 2017, but you get a download of both versions of the album right away if you preorder. Catch Davey Dynamite live at Subterranean's Downstairs venue on Monday night with Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts and Swellshark. More information on that show here. Stream Holy Shit below.

UPDATE: (November 20, 2016) Dying Scene Records will handle the digital marketing and distribution for Holy Shit. The album stream will come down temporarily while Dying Scene promotes the album. Don't Panic Records & Distro notes that this development does not effect pre-orders of the vinyl. Distribution through Dying Scene means these songs are sure to reach a wider audience. Congratulations to Davey!