In Rotation: Dead Split Egos - Ecdysis

Phil Collins - March 3, 2017


The new EP from Chicago's Dead Split Egos is comprised of eight songs of heavy, dark punk. They take advantage of mid-song tempo changes, more often going from faster to slower and only getting heavier as the pace decreases. Throw in an effective use of multiple vocalists and the band has something that really stands out. "Guilt" has quickly become one of my top songs of the new year so far, due to its tag team vocals on the repeated last lines of the song as the tempo slows down. A different vocalist tackles these lines one after the other as the song spirals to a finish: "Hungry for publicity, reputation, and fraud/Bolstering corruption dodging exposure for who you are/I don't subscribe to your bullshit/So please stop acting like you're not a fucking hypocrite." It's a moment that grabs attention on the first listen and only gets better when you get to know it.

Opening track "Dead Skin" kicks off on a deliberate pace, then slows things down further a couple minutes in, while simultaneously getting crunchier and heavier. A minute later a second vocalist comes in to sing along with the screamed lyrics. This kind of variety paired with strong lyrics decrying the patriarchy and the status quo make Ecdysis a must listen.

Dead Split Egos play their EP release show on Saturday at Royal Skate & Apparel in Lansing with LUCA, Grieve, Backbone, Ghost of a Dead Hummingbird, As We Once Were and Will Apgar. More information on that show here. Stream Ecdysis below.