In Rotation: Fitness - Puppet Show

Phil Collins - June 8, 2017

Puppet Show

Chicago punks Fitness use dual lead guitars and crusty vocal hooks effectively on their new 7-inch, Puppet Show. They can channel the amped up party sound of FIDLAR, the soaring guitar leads of a bygone era and a crusty vocal delivery all in the same song. Basically, most of Puppet Show sounds like it would be well-accompanied by Old Style cans spraying all over the place. You will probably get some of the guitar hooks stuck in your head before you learn the words, most likely the guitar lead at the beginning of "Sin Bad." Whatever else stands out about this release, it fittingly begins and ends with those blasting guitar licks.

This is the second release from Fitness, following 2015's self-titled cassette. Puppet Show is out on vinyl via our brother organization, Don't Panic Records & Distro. It's out on a run of 300 copies with 100 on violet vinyl and 200 on black. Pick it up at the Don't Panic bandcamp page.

Catch Fitness live at the 7th Street Space in DeKalb on June 22 with the Peekaboos, Dead Drugs and No Windows. More information on that show here. Their next Chicago show is at the Empty Bottle on June 28 with Harvey Dentures and Sonny Falls. Find out more about that one here. Looking ahead in the ol' datebook, it was just announced that Fitness will play a fundraiser show for our pals at the Friskie Morris Sessions podcast on July 28 at Liar's Club. Give them a listen and go to that show, which also features Butchered, The Damn Tracks and Davey Dynamite. Stream Puppet Show below.