Guest lists: The Best of 2015

Jason Jerde

Phil Collins - January 4, 2016

Today's guest year-end list comes from Jason Jerde of Manglor Records and Lester and The Finks. Here is his list of 10 records you should buy:

1) Black Panties - Future 7” (Windian) - Black Panties had three 7”s released this year. This one on Windian, another on Lumpy Records and one on Total Punk. They are all fucking must haves, but I think the Windian release takes the lead by a hair. Look for a Black Panties 7” on Manglor Records in 2015.

2) C.C.T.V. - 7” (Lumpy Records) - This record is absolutely amazing. It features members of The Coneheads (Also on this list), but with female vocals. If you like Suburban Lawns and Devo, you will love this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

3) Golden Pelicans - Oldest Ride, Longest Line 12” (Total Punk) - Golden Pelicans made the list, big surprise there. These guys unleash the most bad ass shit. Their second 12” record came this year on Total Punk and is not one to pass up. More importantly, if you get a chance to see them live, GO. Doesn’t get much better.

4) Cal and the Calories - Bastard in a Yellow Suit 7” (Total Punk) - Snotty as fuck. Lumpy’s (and the Dumpers) alter ego. Title track will be stuck in your head for days.

5) Gino and the Goons - Push Your Luck 7” (Pelican Pow Wow) Gino also came out with a 7” on Black Gladiator this year. I guess really it’s a toss up, so snatch them both up.

6) Buck Biloxi and the Fucks - Streets of Rage LP (Hozak) - More of what you expect out of one of the best stripped down punk bands out there today. I always look forward to the next Biloxi release. Clever stuff.

7) Trampoline Team - Make it Faster LP (Pelican Pow Wow) - Here is one I was really looking forward to. I absolutely love this band out on New Orleans and their previous 7” on Pelican Pow Wow has gotten a lot of rotation out of me. Total three piece insanity.

8) Mystic Inane - Eggs on a Plate 7” (Lumpy Records) - This is the third band from New Orleans on this list. The NO punk scene is fucking killing it. Buy this record and ALL their records!

9) The Coneheads - L.P. 1. (Erste Theke Tonträger) - Devo influenced band out of Indiana. It’s a must have record, but good luck finding a copy. The distribution for the US release has been virtually nonexistent and just plain STOOPID. I don’t even have a copy yet!!! Then how do I know it’s good you ask? Well, this release is a really just two of their self released cassettes rel-relased on vinyl. They have been available for free download for quite some time.

10) Melomaniac - (unsigned) - Talented Chicago area punk band. Hopefully they will have some vinyl out next year that I can add to a list. I felt like I should include a local band, and Melomaniac is easily one of my favorite things going in the Chicago area right now.

Honorable mentions. The Jinxes - Mosquitoes 7” and Dead Drugs - Pillow Talk 7”. Both on Manglor Records. ;)