Guest Lists: The Best of 2017

Chris DeQuick of Chris DeQuick Productions, Friskie Morris Sessions

Phil Collins - January 3, 2018

This is our penultimate guest list for 2017. If you missed it, so far we have had guest lists from Mimi Vacancy (The Vacancy), Elise (Skinny Daisies), Nikki Roberts (Locals Only) and Deanna Belos (Sincere Engineer). Keep your eyes open for one more guest list, my list of the top EPs and other releases of 2017 and the results from Change the Rotation's best albums of the year bracket. Today's guest list comes from Chris DeQuick of Chris DeQuick Productions. Do you have a band looking to record some tunes? Chris is recording at Atlas Studios now (yes, that Atlas Studios). He recently mastered the new Bombflower album, Bleed Me Out. Find out more about Chris DeQuick Productions over at Facebook. Chris also handles sound for the Friskie Morris Sessions podcast. If you are on this site, you must be interested in local music and if that is the case, this podcast is for you. Listen to interviews with local bands along with songs recorded for the podcast at Atlas Studios. Listen to the Friskie Morris Sessions podcast on Soundcloud or find it in the Apple podcasts app. Chris's list follows:

Favorite albums, no particular order.

1. The Menzingers- After the Party
2. Tim Barry- High on 95
3. Hot Water Music- Light it Up
4. Charly Bliss- Guppy
5. Bully- Losing
6. Propagandhi- Victory Lap
7. Cayetana- New Kind Of Normal
8. The Smith Street Band- More Scared of You Than You are of Me
9. Tigers Jaw- Spin
10. Jessica Lea Mayfield- Sorry is Gone
11. Sincere Engineer- Rhombithian
12. Iron Chic- You Can't Stay Here
13. The Lillingtons- Stella Sapiente

Favorite shows:

1. Charly Bliss at Schuba's
2. Lawrence Arms and D4 at Vans
3. Iron Chic and Off with Their Heads at Sub-T
4. Jessica Lea Mayfield at Empty Bottle
5. Jeff Rosenstock at Wicker Park Fest

Favorite pizza from this year:

The Painful 10" at Big Bricks off of Lincoln