Guest Lists: The Best of 2017

Nikki Roberts of Locals Only

Phil Collins - December 29, 2017

Today we continue our end of the year coverage with our third guest list. I know 2018 will already be upon us next week, but we are not quite ready to close the book on 2017. So, look for more guest lists, my list of my top EPs and other releases of 2017, as well as our 2017 album of the year bracket results. Today's guest list comes from Nikki Roberts of fellow local music blog Locals Only. If you are a reader of Change the Rotation, you should be a reader of Locals Only too. They cover a similar set of Chicago area punk bands as us with reviews, interviews and more. Check out Locals Only here and find them on Facebook here. Also, read her feature on Toastamania in the Chicago Reader this past October. It's a good read if you are curious about how thrash/punk and wrestling combine at these shows. Nikki's list follows:

In no particular order:


1. Through n Through / Black Mass / UGLYBoNES at Slob City
2. Cannibal Corpse / Power Trip / Gatecreeper at Thalia Hall
3. Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre tour kickoff at the Fallout
4. Eyehategod / Cro-Mags / Minimum Wage Assassins at Cobra Lounge
5. The Killers at Lollapalooza


1. Nightmare Logic // Power Trip
2. Jaw Shot // Bad Blood
3. South Arsenal EP // South Arsenal
4. You're Welcome // Wavves
5. Ecdysis // Dead Split Egos

Best DIY Spaces

1. Slob City
2. The Weenie Hut
3. Pilsen Funeral Home (even though it lasted 1 show)
4. The Liquor Store
5. The Venue FKA The Fallout