In Rotation: Haki's Big New EP

Phil Collins - January 20, 2015

Haki's Big New EP

Listening to Haki's music, all released during the last couple years, feels like a trip down the rabbit hole. Experimental musings pervade the terrain. I'm not always sure where Haki is headed next, but I'm strapped in for the ride. On Haki's Big New EP, released earlier this month, the ride detours through a few punk subgenres. "Shoot," the EP's first song following the intro, starts things off firmly in post-punk territory. By the time the raucous closer "Fishtank" rolls around, we are in no-frills hardcore land. In the interim falls the goofball jam "Spliff." No two songs sound the same. Haki's Big New EP reads more as a short story anthology than a traditional tome.

Haki, a Chicago four-piece, released their first full-length album last April. They had two EPs out in 2013. For the (big) new EP, the band recorded with Nate Amos of the local DIY venue Grandpa Bay. This band is coming up in the local scene and is likely to continue to attract a growing following. Their next show is January 31 at the Fulton Street Collective. In addition to music, there will be an interactive multimedia showcase. OBY, The Malskys, Crude Humor and Zoe Wilkerson also perform. Stream Haki's Big New EP below or visit them on bandcamp for a pay-what-you-want download.