In Rotation: Headspins - Burn That Bridge

Phil Collins - May 31, 2017

Burn That Bridge

Headspins' second full-length album is full of punchy vocals, hooks and harmonies. Highlights "KGB" and "What Is Wrong With You" capitalize on Ramones-influenced staccato shouts. They embrace a 80s punk sound, which goes well with a song like opener "KGB," which calls back to cold war times. Headspins get a lot of mileage out of traded male/female vocals and alternating quick and slow deliveries. They also have a palpable sense of humor. When "What Is Wrong With You" sounds like it has wound to a close, the band continues with a slow jam of the chorus followed by a last full-speed run-through. "Love Yourself," maybe the catchiest song on the album, has that 80s X-influenced sound. "I Told You So" is a fast punk banger that would surely be great live.

Burn That Bridge is the first release from Chicago's Headspins since 2013's Spinster. Catch Headspins at the Mutiny this Saturday with The Stay Alives, Deal Breakers and Evil Engine. More information on that show here. Stream Burn That Bridge below.