Recap: Lipstick Homicide at Township

Phil Collins - November 18, 2013

Lipstick Homicide at Township

Lipstick Homicide, Iowa City's finest pop punk trio, played Township in Logan Square last night. This is a band that has lightning energy and a sense of humor, two qualities that have earned many bands in the punk world dedicated followings. Lipstick Homicide played with the tight force of a band that has clearly been playing a lot of shows lately, their chemistry unmistakable. Yet they do not give off the air of a band taking themselves too seriously. Guitarist and vocalist Kate Kane came out wearing an "Evil Dead" T-shirt. Together with bassist and vocalist Rachel Feldmann and drummer Luke Ferguson, the band appear to be three friends who have probably been hanging on each other's couches talking about vampires and posers for as long as they have been playing music.

Lipstick Homicide at Township

The band's set drew heavily from their new album, "Out Utero." It was released online earlier this year, but last night the band had some freshly received physical copies on hand. This is their second full-length album and it builds on the territory staked out in their previous releases. Last night they played some choice cuts off the album, including "Say It To My Face," "I Hope You Die," and "Rockerchick." They opened with "Annexation of Puerto Rico," the first song from their split with Billy Raygun. They rocketed straight from that song into the same split's next track, "Moody's Point." Check out a video the band just released for that song this week below.

Direct Hit! was last night's headliner. They put on a fun, energetic set and it was clear that most people came to see them. Lipstick Homicide stole the show for me, no surprise, as they did when I first saw them one or two years ago at the Underground Lounge, opening a secret show for The Menzingers. Stream "Out Utero" and more of Lipstick Homicide's music here.