In Rotation: Meat Wave - Delusion Moon

Phil Collins - October 19, 2015

Delusion Moon

On Delusion Moon, Meat Wave's second full-length album and first for SideOneDummy Records, the Chicago band has added depth to their hard party sound. The band glammed it up from the start in years past on songs like "I've Got Ants," "Panopticon" and "Brother." On Delusion Moon they haven't lost the glam, they are just coming in for a different approach. Songs start with a faraway gaze before spinning off into a riptide.

"Witchcraft" is one of the strongest songs in the set. It starts off with drifting guitar licks and a rolling bass line bordering on post-punk. It hinges on the line "I never meant to throw your computer out the window," which first appears about a minute in. Given the tone of the album and the imagery, the words feel more surrealist than literal. When the line is repeated around the 2:30 mark, the subsequent lines lead into a big guitar riff that takes over the remainder of the song. It is a surprising, satisfying turn in the song's arc. This would be a real fun jam to see live.

"Sunlight" and "Sham King" are carryovers from the Brother EP, released earlier this year. The former is a solid match for this set of songs, the latter is just a great song that is going to get everyone moving. "Erased" and "NRA" are two of the shorter, more straightforward bangers on the album.

Meat Wave is currently touring out East. They play at The Fest in Gainesville on Halloween. Then they're taking the show to Europe for a few weeks. They will be back in sweet home Chicago on December 12 at the Empty Bottle with Rad Payoff and Sophagus. Stream Delusion Moon below or head to their bandcamp page.