In Rotation: Poison Boys - Headed for Disaster

Phil Collins - March 14, 2016

Headed for Disaster

Remember sitting on the yards-long hood of your car in a gravel parking lot late in the evening? One denim leg strung over the side of the beast, leather jacket and sunglasses doing most of the talking. Glass bottles and cigarrette butts pollinating the terrain. Chicago locals Poison Boys' debut EP, Headed for Disaster, channels this generations-old drag of memory.

Hair metal riffs give way to short, hopping guitar solos. The vocalist draws out the vowels at the end of lines with old school rock and roll bravado. This is a record that sounds like it should be listened to outside, in or around a car. A car that has a name. Roll the windows down and cruise around, or park and sit on the hood. Either way, crank it up. The cover art of Headed for Disaster speaks to the era conjured by the music. The ropy, pink font and leopard print background give off that glam rock hair metal vibe. The black and white band photo shows little trace of the modern era. The Motörhead shirt, the leather jacket and the sunglasses hanging from a white shirt are all on point.

The physical 7" is out via No Front Teeth Records, a label based in London. The limited edition comes with an alternate sleeve featuring art from Emilie Karl. Give Headed for Disaster a listen below.