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Mobina Galore - Feeling Disconnected

Steve O - March 16, 2017

Feeling Disconnected

Time’s a weird thing. Like how I can cross an imaginary line and all of the sudden, it’s 2 o’clock instead of 3? Or how we just “spring ahead” an hour which has me getting home at 4 in the morning instead of 3. What the hell? Sometimes though, time works out so absolutely perfectly.

It was a Friday when I was talking to Joe Vickers of Audio/Rocketry and he mentioned he was going on a European tour to open for Mobina Galore. The name was familiar, because I remember seeing that they were opening for Against Me! in Palatine. Unfortunately, that show practically down the street from my parents’ house sold out before I could get tickets. The next Monday at work, I check out Mobina Galore’s new record, Feeling Disconnected. Then I spent a good portion of the week listening to both that record, and their 2014 full length debut, Cities Away, unable to shake the impression that they were totally fucking awesome. That weekend I was going to be back in Illinois, and, coincidentally Mobina Galore were playing in Milwaukee on Saturday. In the span of less than a week, I discovered an awesome new band and got to see them live. Making all of this even more perfectly coincidental is that they’re from Winnipeg. What are the odds? Now that’s good timing!

Self-described as “vocally aggressive power chord punk,” Jenna Priestner (guitar/lead vocals) and Marcia Hanson (drums/vocals) are so dynamic here it can be hard to believe this monolith is just made by two people. Priestner’s vocals range from the very definition of “vocally aggressive” to nearly sugary sweet pop punk, always delivered with a powerful honesty and emotion, that’s particularly striking in some of the heavier tracks (see “Spend My Day,” “Start All Over,” “Suffer,” or “Ready to Let Go”), with Hanson forming a perfect, melodic echo. The music matches emotion wonderfully; when Prisetner sounds pissed off the guitars are loud and fuzzy and the drums bang away with full force, but the more laid back sections of the songs are met with a calmer vocal delivery.

Mobina Galore

Don’t get the impression that any heaviness takes away from the catchiness of these songs. The hooks are catchy as hell, with great sing along choruses and whoas. Songs like “Spend My Day,” “Vancouver,” or “Start All Over” will get stuck in your head immediately. And while the record was released in winter, in a way it’s a great record for every season. The bite and aggression are perfect for the frigid winds of winter, while the upbeat nature and catchiness of the songs are great for relaxing summer days. And they back it all up with a fantastic and energetic live performance, where the passion dripping on the record is even more tangible. Basically, you have no reasonable excuses to not check out Mobina Galore. So just go ahead and stream Feeling Disconnected from their Bandcamp. You’re gonna have a great half hour, trust me.