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Wasted Potential - Wasted Potential

Steve O - December 29, 2014

Wasted Potential

So when Phil said that it was time to start compiling our lists for the Best of the Year Bracket he laid down one ground rule: no EPs. Seems like a good call; after all, how can you compare a short 7 inch to one of those packed longer players? Well, I have to take issue with it this time. It has cost one of my favorite pieces of recorded music from this year its place on the bracket: the debut, self-titled 7 inch from London, Ontario’s Wasted Potential.

With 8 songs in 12 minutes, it doesn’t take long to give this record a spin (and the vinyl edition omits the last two tracks). And many a spin I have given it. In addition to being one of my favorite records this year, it is easily one of the most listened to records of the year as well. Legitimate competition with Against Me! and the Lawrence Arms. And in those 12 minutes, there is no let up, at all. All go, no slow. Fast paced, not powerviolence fast, but old school hardcore punk fast. Their Facebook lists the band members as “dudes,” and two of those dudes sure can fucking shred. In addition to being super-fast, the songs are laced with some fantastic guitar leads, weaving in and out of the main riffs. And from the opening scream on “Two Pumps and a Quiver,” you’re going to want to sing along too. There’s even the classic “woahs” for when you realize the vocals go by too quickly to catch all the words. On the whole, Wasted Potential is fast and catchy, a perfect combination.

Wasted Potential

Give the record a listen on bandcamp, where it’s also available for the low price of name your own price: wastedpotential.bandcamp.com. Watch the awesome video for “Two Pumps and a Quiver” over here. And if you want the vinyl, get in touch with those folks over at Don’t Panic, It’s A Distro. Somehow they’re the only ones carrying it here in the States.

Oh, and did I mention they like pizza?