In Rotation: "Richardson" Richardson: Shit Lord

Phil Collins - August 9, 2014

Shit Lord

The new "Richardson" Richardson EP is hardly more than five minutes in length, but that is all the time it needs to leave an impression. Fans of the band will immediately notice something different about this set of songs. The band recorded these three tracks with a live drummer. This is a big deal for a band known for having three bassists and no drummers. So, what do DeKalb's denizens of doom sound like with live, rather than programmed, percussion?

They sound like they are at the top of their game. "Shit Lord" is comprised of three quick hardcore songs that must barely outlast the snapchat used as the album cover. Its brevity ultimately leaves me wanting more, which is exactly what hardcore should do and is exactly what the EP format should do. The title track is the strongest of the three, judging from early exposure. The concluding chant "I'm the shit lord, I'm the shit lord, I'm the shit lord" is likely to become a live favorite. The EP is available on "Richardson" Richardson's bandcamp page (pay what you want for the download.) Stream the full EP below.