In Rotation: "Richardson" Richardson - White Lighters

Phil Collins - September 15, 2016

White Lighters

DeKalb two-piece "Richardson" Richardson returns with nine quick hits of bass-heavy punk. The band resumes its traditional stance - two bassists and programmed drums - after recording with a live drummer on their last release, 2014's Shit Lord EP. Snarled vocals favor getting high and chilling out on "Crucial Hangs". "Year of the Rat" and "Tour Jokes" offer a taste of life on the road, a taste that falls somewhere between thickburgers, old cheese nugs and coke. Former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka takes a few shots on "F.M.D."

White Lighters is out on a run of 100 cassettes, which also allegedly include a cover of a certain retired Seasonal Men's Wear song. The album was recorded at DeKalb's DIY spot, the 7th Street space. Stream White Lighters below, or head to "Richardson" Richardson's bandcamp page for the cassette.