Road Report: Mikey Erg at The Dougout in Washington, D.C.

Phil Collins - May 5, 2015

When I unloaded my bag after returning from a week in Washington, D.C. I immediately noticed an unfamiliar slip of paper on top of everything. It was a notice from the TSA, informing me that my bag had been randomly searched. Locks would be broken if necessary. National security. The TSA would not be liable for any broken locks. Children. The TSA would not be liable for any damaged items. Hot dogs. America. Et cetera. They may not have had to break any locks and they may not have damaged anything, but it gave me no small amount of pleasure to know that the first thing the TSA would have seen upon opening my bag was this fine piece of merchandise from American Television.

American Television middle finger merch

It was flung at me by the band during their set at The Dugout, a basement/DIY venue in suburban Washington, D.C. American Television threw a handful of these foam joyfingers out to the crowd. I then unwittingly unleashed mine on the TSA. Mission accomplished. The space and the show itself had a familiar feel to what we see in DIY shows in the Chicago area. Good music and friendly people transcend everything else.

The Jukebox Romantics

The Jukebox Romantics at The Dugout on Wednesday

American Television and The Dealbreakers, both from Northern Virginia were the first two bands to play. The Jukebox Romantics came in from New York. Mikey Erg closed out the night.

Mikey Erg

Mikey Erg at The Dugout on Wednesday