Recap: Savages at the Metro

Phil Collins - April 8, 2016


Savages at the Metro on Thursday

London post punk group Savages swung by the Metro on Thursday in support of their recently released sophomore album, Adore Life. The band's bass-heavy, striking sound made waves when their first album came out a few years ago, propelled on by their electric live performances. Savages lived up to that reputation Thursday at the Metro. The photo above shows lead singer Jehnny Beth walking out on top of the crowd during "Hit Me," a quick cut from Silence Yourself. The band played "Hit Me" for longer than the 1:41 running time on the record, while Beth walked out on top of the crowd and eventually dropped back to crowdsurf.

Another raucous stretch of the set came when Savages played "She Will" and "Husbands" back to back. These are two of the punchiest tracks from their debut album. "She Will" requires drummer Fay Milton to hit and immediately grab the cymbal many consecutive times, creating an invigorating staccato effect. Beth read a spoken word piece midway through the set, before the band played "Evil" from Adore Life.

Savages' performance was just as compelling on a couple lower tempo songs they played toward the end, including the title track from Adore Life. The climbing bass line from the last portion of "Adore Life" was stuck in my head after the show. Savages will be back in town on July 16 for the Pitchfork Music Festival in Union Park.