In Rotation: So Pretty - Suck it Up

Phil Collins - March 24, 2017

Suck it Up

The first track off So Pretty's new album features many of the characteristics that make Suck it Up such a fun, surprising release. Dual vocals that lie in stark contrast to each other from Rachel Manter and Ashley Holman, a straight-faced commitment to every joke and a grunge punk backing that will reverberate in your mind for a while after listening. An ostensibly rich person callously orders around staff on "Comfort Service" in a mocking way that could only be pulled off with that firm commitment and timing. The slow, melodic vocals and ukulele that immediately follow this on the opening of "Think Again" then sound just as surprising when listened to in sequence. It doesn't take long for a scream and distorted guitar to cut in. These playful changes in tone and texture make the album vibrant throughout.

"Blueberry Blues" and "Manhandler" offer more straightforward shouted punk blasts, the latter landing on a telling off of a lame dude who won't shut up. Everyone in the band adds vocals somewhere on the album, building on the variety already present with two lead vocalists.

So Pretty plays Frontwoman Fest at Burlington Bar in Chicago on April 1 with Jovan, The Cell Phones, No Men, Pixel Grip, Radiant Devices, Impulsive Hearts and more. Stream Suck it Up below.