In Rotation: Strawberry Jacuzzi - Watch the Clock

Phil Collins - December 5, 2016

Watch the Clock

Chicago garage pop quartet Strawberry Jacuzzi return with their second full-length album, Watch the Clock. Shouty vocals over rumbling drums and bass, laced with sugary guitar licks make for fun, dancey Strawberry Jacuzzi songs. The band does slow down occasionally, but never stays quiet for long on songs like "Broken Tape Song." More often they are bouncing into space on songs like "Astronaut Girl" and "Pity Party."

The album's bookends - "Bitch Jam" and the title track "Watch the Clock" - are the top highlights here. "Bitch Jam" opens the proceedings with a catchy, fast-paced track marked by a deliberate count-in to the song's manic fits. "Watch the Clock" starts as a chill song and spins off into a fun instrumental a couple minutes in. The shouted bridge must be a great moment live.

This has to be one of my favorite album covers of the year. It was illustrated by Chicago's Frank Okay, whose work you may have seen on some local show flyers. Check out more of Frank Okay's stuff here. Watch the Clock is out on cassette via Grabbing Clouds Records & Tapes and on vinyl through Some Weird Sin. Stream the album below.