In Rotation: The Audio Dead - From the Beginning

Phil Collins - November 21, 2016

From the Beginning

Chicago horror punks the Audio Dead released their debut album, From the Beginning, on Halloween. Of course, horror punk is best suited for those who celebrate Halloween all year long. The lyrics are full of curses, body horror and vaguely menacing proclamations like "your time will come." The themes and characters in these songs are the product of midnight movie watchers - definitely the 70s/80s slasher and creature feature branches of the genre.

The short songs "Deadlines" and "Counterfeit" are the more straight ahead hardcore entries on the album. "Re-ignited" and "Your Time Will Come" are the catchiest tracks. There are a couple local guest vocal spots on From the Beginning - Daryl Wilson of the Bollweevils on "The Last Laugh" and Dan Alfonsi of Still Alive on "I Cannot Let Go." This is a solid set of songs and an exciting first release from the Audio Dead. Stream it below or head to their bandcamp page for a download.