In Rotation: The Decayed - The Decayed EP

Phil Collins - August 7, 2017

The Decayed

The eponymous debut EP from Chicago hardcore band The Decayed is a fiery introduction. Everyone involved here is or has been in other punk/hardcore bands (Last False Hope, Failed Resistance, Break the Silence, Vile Display of Humanity) and it shows. This is a tight six song set that manages to cover more ground than its running time might suggest. We start off with the most straightforward, shortest song. People will quickly learn to sing back the title "Beaten and Battered". Lead vocalist Jahshie P, also of Last False Hope and Failed Resistance, delivers on point shouts throughout. The guitar riffage and shout along portions make this a good opener. "The Dream is Dead" plays out similarly until a little less than halfway through when we get a bass-driven interlude, hinting at some of the variety to come.

"Not This Time" really breaks the mold with a full out excursion into thrash metal crossover territory. Things continue to change up with crusty vocals from guitarist Jake Younberg on the EP's final two tracks. The Decayed EP does as well in its slower sections as in the more prevalent punched up parts. Overall this is a solid debut and I'm looking forward to hearing what's next for the band. Get out there and see them play live because they put on a fun show. Stream The Decayed EP below.