Recap: The Lemons record release show at Bric A Brac Records

Phil Collins - February 14, 2016

    The Lemons

The Lemons at Bric A Brac Records on Sunday

Local sugar-coated retro pop group The Lemons put out their debut album on Burger Records this month. To celebrate, they threw a Valentine's Day Bash at Bric A Brac Records in Logan Square. Take a band on the rise putting out a full-length on a hot label, add in a nostalgia-heavy space in the middle of a music filled neighborhood and you have a packed house. Hello, We're The Lemons, out on cassette and vinyl via Burger, is full of minute-long sugary pop jingles. There are 28 of these ditties on the album.

They played many of these at the record release show, including "Lemon Lime," "Best Day," "Ice Cream Shop," "Lemoncita," "Jelly Bean," "Lazy Day" and "Sunset City." If you have any affection for these songs on record, get out to see them live. These are fairly quiet, throwback songs. They are performed with the requisite sense of humor. The Lemons play with two acoustic guitars, an electric bass and a tambourine on top of a snare. Everyone sings and everyone smiles. At one point during the set, the drummer "dropped" one of his drumsticks. Someone in the crowd handed it back to him. He smiled as if to say thanks and immediately threw both drumsticks to the ground. The band continued to play requests until they were cut off. Stream Hello, We're The Lemons right here:

                     Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz at Bric A Brac Records on Sunday

Peach Fuzz, a local sunny rock and roll trio, put on a fun opening set. They have a split cassette out with Electric Sheep. Check that out on their bandcamp page.

               Joey Rubbish

Joey Rubbish at Bric A Brac Records on Sunday

Joey Rubbish of local garage rock band The Rubs opened the show. The Rubs put out a cool album called The Rubs Are Trash last year and they are working on another one for HoZac Records. Check out The Rubs Are Trash at their bandcamp page.