In Rotation: The Taxpayers - Big Delusion Factory

Phil Collins - July 24, 2016

Big Delusion Factory

The Taxpayers' latest album centers on piano-led excursions with on-point lyrics. This album continues to challenge what folk punk is supposed to sound like. Listening to the Portland band's last couple albums, we get another interpretation of The Taxpayers' niche. They embrace a jazzy noir feel on "Little Black Box." Jangly horn and piano lines flow through unexpected turns. "Brain Drain (Tunnel of Love)" instantly ranks among the band's most explosive tracks. "Roll Call" juxtaposes strings and distorted guitar hits. The lyrics on "Easy Money" are urgent and vital.

It was surprising when The Taxpayers suddenly released Big Delusion Factory last month. Their last album, Cold Hearted Town, came out in 2013. That does not sound like a terribly long gap between full-lengths, but consider that the group released something every year between 2009 and 2013. So three years without much activity from the band felt like a lenghty stretch. It is important then, that this album delivers the quality material it does. "Goodbye Balance" is exactly the kind of song I think of when The Taxpayers come to mind. They always sound sure-footed on uneven ground.

The Taxpayers showed up twice on Change the Rotation's list of our 22 favorite releases from 22 years of Plan-It-X Records. To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal and God Forgive These Bastards both appear high in the rankings. Those are albums we all feel strongly about here. Big Delusion Factory marks a welcome return of a beloved folk punk band. Stream the album below.