In Rotation: Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre - 'Til Death Do Us Party

Phil Collins - November 17, 2015

'Til Death Do Us Party

Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre plays metal that crosses over into the punk world, territory well-trodden by the likes of Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan. Texas Toast throws as many 90s kid pop culture references into the mix as one can wash down with a can of Surge. The final track on 'Til Death Do Us Party, "Secrets of the Booze" could have wound up as the album's title track. It is a thrasher alluding to better days for Ninja Turtles fans.

"Michael Bay Ruined My Childhood" blasts the producer of the computer animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, who also brought us the metal in a garbarge disposal "Transformers" franchise. X-Men, Alien, Predator and KISS all show up on the album. "Pizza Monsters From the Planet Marz" is a standalone creature feature in itself.

This is the first full-length album from Chicago's Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre and it doesn't take itself too seriously. It sounds like the band probably had as much fun making this record as listeners will have playing it back. Catch the band live at The Fallout on November 28 with Cross Examination, ThorHammer, Smash Potater, REIGN, Misanthropy and Bleeding Mad. Stream 'Til Death Do Us Party below, or head to their bandcamp page.