Random Records with Steve O

Antillectual - Perspectives & Objectives

Steve O - September 22, 2013

Perspectives & ObjectivesSo Phil had told me he was starting up his music blog again and asked if I wanted to contribute to it. And I’ve finally come up with a worthwhile way to participate. Random Records with SteveO! I’ve got more music on my computer than I know what to do with and I seem to spend a good amount of time listening to it. The point is to highlight a record or band you might not be very familiar with (or even know at all) and just have a short write-up about them. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite band.

So for the initial Random Records… I bring you Perspectives & Objectives, released just last month by the Dutch band Antillectual. I saw these guys last year in Albany while they were on their way down to the Fest. They put on a great show with lots of energy, which was made more impressive by the fact that the energy was missing from the crowd. I bought a record and talked to them for a while after the show, about vegetarianism, what it was like touring in another country, where they were going next. They were super friendly guys and were willing to chat with people despite with their accented and limited English.

Perspectives & Objectives

Musically, it’s fun, melodic, up-tempo punk. Nothing that new or amazing, but very well done. All of their records are solid, so they’ve got a consistent formula down for writing good music. Lyrically, it’s quite political. Topics range from LGBT rights to the overwhelming assault by advertising to female involvement in punk scenes. Sound good? Check out the video for their “Soundtrack.”

I like this video, cause it’s illustrating that no matter what kind of enforcement you have at the top from the “adult” world, the “kids” are still gonna run crazy.

Check them out on bandcamp. All of their records are streaming there, with a name your price option.