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Wombat In Combat - The Bro Show

Steve O - January 25, 2016

The Bro Show

A long, long time ago, when I was either still in high school or shortly out of it, I stumbled across a band with an amazing name and only 4 songs to their credit: the brilliantly titled Wombat in Combat. A name like that simply implores you to check out their music. It’s like Shark in the Park, or Bear-thing in a Boxing Ring, or Hippopotamus in … yeah, guess I backed myself into a corner with that one. Anyways, the name was intriguing enough to warrant giving them a listen. And if memory serves, they had some sort of connection to the Leftöver Crack / crackrock steady / Tompkins Park scene in those late 2000s. It was probably through browsing those highly intertwined bands that all seemed to have some lineage back to Choking Victim that the name Wombat in Combat popped up. And you cannot pass up an opportunity to listen to band with a name like that.

And the music verified that decision. With only 4 songs and 11 and a half minutes on their only recording (at least to my knowledge), The Bro Show, Wombat in Combat show quite a diversity given the short play time. (Look close at the wombat on the cover. It has a 666 on its forehead). “A.I.T.” is a minute-long, frenzied hardcore blast about AIT: Arizona Iced Tea. “Jump Jim Crow” alternates from a chaotic chorus to something akin to a southern twang during the verses. “Live by the Bike” maintains this chaos, while closer “My Bike Lock” is a chill closer, with a ska punk feel. Both extol bike riding and villainize driving cars.

While it appears that The Bro Show is the only release from Wombat it Combat, it looks like they still exist, at least sporadically. Check them out here and give their few recordings a listen over here.

Wombat In Combat