In Rotation: SHOTS FIRED SHOTS FIRED - Calles Sangriento

Phil Collins - June 22, 2017

Calles Sangriento

The debut EP from Chicago hardcore band SHOTS FIRED SHOTS FIRED grapples with the tensions of the reality that we live in today in 2017. They start right off on Trump with the opening track "El Emparador Es Naranja," deriding his lack of respect for women and his constant self-aggrandizement. Lyrics switch between Spanish and English often on this release, in this case translating the song's title: "El emparador es naranja/The emperor is orange." Title track "Calles Sangriento" discusses the everyday violence that continues to grip Chicago. On "Be More Like Sean (RIP Sean McKeough,)" vocalist Paulie Think tells the story of the Riot Fest co-founder helping him get off heroin.

These seven songs gallop along, only pausing for sound clips from the orange one and the news. SHOTS FIRED SHOTS FIRED should not be missed live. I caught their first show at Quenchers earlier this year and they tore it up. You wouldn't guess it from the music, but vocalist Paulie Think just put out a hip-hop album called Dunny's Tamales. Check that out at the No Trend Records bandcamp page. Stream Calles Sangriento below.