In Rotation: This Obsession - Cheers To Regret

Phil Collins - November 25, 2014

Cheers To Regret

This Obsession's first full-length album, Cheers To Regret will sound like familiar territory for fans of Alkaline Trio and The Lawrence Arms. The Chicago three-piece embraces the sound of the pop punk Godfathers of their hometown scene. Perhaps there is no doubt that this is the niche of the punk sphere the band is aiming for because This Obsession is hitting that chord so well.

Their most recent EP, Songs To Sing To While Driving Drunk, made it clear they have the bite to kick through pithy pop punk jams. Cheers To Regret treads similar ground and keeps the quality level high through the longer format. There are some surprising moments in the album, for instance, the ska section that closes "These Vultures." The chorus of "Help! I Need Alcohol" was the first thing to get stuck in my head off this album, which was surprising to me because the song starts off like a joke live song about a singer more interested in someone buying him a beer than in playing the rest of the song. The catchy chorus is indicative of what grabs me about this band - it's fun, it's not too serious yet it's well put together. Chad I Ginsburg of CKY mastered the album.

The band does best when members Mark Kronenberg, Jessica Otto and Jon Jakubik split the vocal duties, a strategy well exemplified on "Pray Like Hell." This album hits the trifecta for fans of pop punk, beer and Chicago. Stream "Death Row Lullaby" below.