In Rotation: White Mystery - Fuck Your Mouth Shut

Phil Collins - December 18, 2017

album cover

White Mystery's newest album delivers what I have come to love about this Chicago garage rock duo: a mix of instant fuzzy anthems and their viscous, dreamy counterparts. The stomping, forceful anthems are in more abundant supply, making their pensive jams that much more impactful when they hit. The title track is as potent a swing as the band has ever put on wax. Guitar and drums from the redhead sibling duo punch under repeated shouts of "Fuck your mouth shut!" during each chorus. "Full of Light" and "Played My Hand" are catchy romps that will improve your walk around the city streets.

"Mars Death Pact" and "Dream Cum" are the aforementioned deliberately-paced thoughtful songs. The former features vocals from drummer Francis Scott Key (guitarist Miss Alex White takes lead vocals on the rest of the album). The lyrics read like a poem and the instrumental backing is more subdued than on the rest of the record. The latter is a five-plus minute song comprised of one line of lyrics repeated like a mantra. It's easy to get lost in the meditative repetition of this song.

Fuck Your Mouth Shut is White Mystery's eighth album. The band has been dropping albums annually on 4/20. This one is out on vinyl (two split shades of purple). Order it through White Mystery's website, where you can also pick up White Mystery coffee. Catch White Mystery live in the round at Thalia Hall on January 18 with Paul Cherry and Son of a Gun. More info on that show here. White Mystery will DJ at East Room in Logan Square on Wednesday night. They also DJ at the Waydown on December 28. Stream Fuck Your Mouth Shut below.